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Below you will find some tutorials with instructions on how to make edits to your website. If you have any problems making edits or run into difficulty please feel free to email me and Ill do my best to assist. 

Videos are best viewed in fullscreen on a PC or Laptop. Please also note edits should be made from a laptop/PC. It is not possible to edit correctly from a mobile phone.

I will be adding the SEO and woocommerce section as soon as possible. The SEO section will ready in the next 10-14 days and will be followed by woocommerce. The joomla section will be added at a later date. In the meantime if you need any help with woocommerce let me know and I will make any changes needed. 

WordPress Dashboard

A very quick tour of the wordpress dashboard

Quick Text Edits

Make quick edits to your text

Edit & style your text

Edit Text Size & Colour. 

Pages & Columns

Edit Pages

How to make edits to web pages

Columns & Sections

Introduction to Columns & sections

Add 3 Columns

Add columns with text and images. 

Styling Columns

Styling columns images and buttons

Add Full Page

Add a full page to your site

Add a Page

Add page using templates 

Image Section

Importance of Image optimisation

Best image practices 

Optimise Images

Optimise images before upload

Image Edits

Swap out images on your web pages

Resize Images

Resize images in the elementor panel

Edit Image Galleries

Edit images in your image gallery

Create Image Galleries

Add image galleries to webpages

Copyright Policy!

When you purchase media online its important you have the legal right to use it. Using music, video or images or any other media types without having a valid license can land you in some legal hot water. Any 3rd party media we use be it stock footage or music will be licensed specifically for your business or to the individual purchaser.   


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