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Video Content
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Real Estate Social Media & Website Videos

Videos get more engagement on social media and performs better than all other media types in social algorithms so why not increase your engagement rates on social platforms and showcase your properties using stunning videos all designed in Adobe After Effects. Real estate Listings with videos can get up to 403% more enquiries than those without and websites using video also tend to rank better in search engines. 

Motion Graphics - Movement grabs attention

When it comes to social media video is key – However it can be a struggle for businesses to consistently publish high quality video content that engages their audience. Its not a conceivable or affordable option to have a video production company create video content for every listing you make. However with motion graphics we can make eye catching video using nothing more than the images you usually post to your facebook or instagram accounts. 

With motion graphics you don’t need to spend thousands of euro creating real estate videos. In fact motion graphic videos can be more effective than high production videos that cost 10 times as much to create. Why? Because our peripheral vision is attuned to detect movement and while users scroll by other media the animations and transitions used in after effects creations won’t be ignored

Below are a small sample of demos that we can offer. Please note instagram posts and stories are uploaded to youtube in different resolutions than they are normally displayed so are best viewed in full screen mode

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Real Estate promotional image for instagram or facebook. Designed in Photoshop and like all our graphics can be animated to video in Adobe after effects

Real estate post

The same image animated to video using adobe after effects. Please view video in full screen mode. 1:1 1280 x 1280 or 1080 x 1080 aspect ratio perfect for instagram posts or facebook

Real estate Instagram stories

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