Halloween Stories for Instagram & Facebook

With both instagram & facebook majorly pushing stories and reels right now there has never been a better time to make use of stories in your profiles. Our instagram & facebook stories are premium videos made with industry leading software.

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Instagram & Facebook Stories

Animated instagram & facebook animated stories for your social media profiles. Videos can be used to promote sales and services or simply to add some Halloween flavour to your social media accounts. Video styles will be in a similar theme to the above videos. They are fun, easy on the eye and get your message across in a fun and engaging manner.

As well as Halloween themed stories we can also provide stories for all other niches including fashion, fitness, coaching, real estate and many others.

Halloween Themed Videos

Halloween themed videos can be used to promote any product or service you provide. You can advertise promotional sales and discount codes or simply wish your visitors a Happy Halloween. We can also add slides and showcase various images in the video depending on what your goals are. 

Tip: Don’t ignore your stories and reels.  Two feed posts per week and 2 Stories per day is ideal for building a following on Instagram. Source Instagram chief Adam Mosseri *** Hoootsuite

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Copyright Policy!

When you purchase media online its important you have the legal right to use it. Using music, video or images or any other media types without having a valid license can land you in some legal hot water. Any 3rd party media we use be it stock footage or music will be licensed specifically for your business or to the individual purchaser.   


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