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Brochures for effective marketing campaigns & brand awareness

One of the simplest ways to gain brand awareness, website shares and newsletter signups is to add a simple brochure to your website. If people are interested in the content they will exchange their email address in return for the brochure. If they find the brochure interesting or useful they will likely share it with friends. 

Brochure Design
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Brochure Design for Marketing

If you have a website you might be wondering why you need a brochure? But how many people click off your website to be never heard from again. Give your visitors something of value and they may well leave you their email address or even give you their business. 

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Increase your email list.

A brochure can essentially be used as a tradeoff for your visitors contact details. You give your visitor something of value and in return you get to send your services and offers directly to their inbox. They may even send your brochure to their friends

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Brochure Ideas

A brochure can be used effectively on most website types. Its just a matter of coming up with content that suits your particular niche. Examples might be sign up to my newsletter and learn 5 beginner yoga breathing techniques. You could also use discount codes, recipes,  makeup tips, fitness tips or a whole host of other ideas. 

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